In this fast moving competitive economy, it is highly imperative to bridge the gap between business strategy and people capabilities, thereby enhancing the performance of the business. Our Innovative mix of unique solutions on wide range of subjects empower an undertaking to enhance productivity, reduce time-to-market, improve product and process quality whereby increasing revenues and knowledge.

The below mentioned are our unique offerings helping customers to re-engineer and re-invent their businesses:
Training Solutions :

Attitude/Behavioral Skills Training
Soft Skill Training
Language Enhancement
Train the Trainer Programs
Outbound Training Programs
Leadership Enhancement & various other customized Corporate trainings
Skills Training
Knowledge/Technical Training
Techno - behavioral training
Employee Orientation / Induction Training
Role Readiness Programs
Outdoor and adventure training
Sensitivity Training

  Attitude/Behavioral Skills Training :
Employee attitude is increasingly cited as the number one performance-related issue of companies, both large and small. Skills are really only one of the elements required for professional success. If a person’s attitude, behaviour style or values are not aligned with the business goals, more skills or knowledge training may not be the answer. Havoc designs and delivers effective and powerful training programs aimed at bringing the desired change with respect to attitude and/or behavior of people which. We also help organisations in company wide roll-out of interventions aimed towards orientation of organisation values and alignment of desired attitude and behavior.

  Soft Skill Training :
Soft skills is a sociological term which refers to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, ability with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirements of a job. We have in our team psychologists and soft skills trainers who are experts in their respective fields who coach, train, and facilitate your managers to improve the ways they manage their diverse technical organizations, address both your technical and non-technical people to better communicate with each other so they can enhance their relationships not damage them and to move up the managerial ladder to be effective project managers and more.

  Train the Trainer Programs :

We conduct train the trainer programs for internal trainers of organisations as part of internal trainer readiness and empowerment initiative. From adult learning principles to platform skills to process of making training fun and experiential and last but not the least, training measurement and impact assessment, we design and deliver an all encompassing train the trainer program to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  Training objectives :


What will future trainer's learn?
You will be taught the essential skills to teaching adult learners
How to design and develop training that "sticks"
How to create a learning environment that is conducive to learning and fun
Skills that will increase your confidence and credibility
How to present material to an audience
Practice vs. theory when developing training materials

  Who will benefit from the Train the Trainer Program?

Anyone who needs to train staff members to perform competently and confidently.

Sales Staff
Training Managers
Human Resource and Personnel Managers

  Outdoor & Adventure Based Training :
  Techno – Behavioural Training :
The training programs have elements of technical and behavioural content based on the learning need and expected learning outcome.

  Employee Orientation / Induction Training :
For organizations recruiting on a regular basis, we offer support in the design and delivery of Induction Training Programs. Every new inductee needs to be in tune with the organizational culture and the training provided to him/ her needs to be more so aligned with the business needs. Havoc can help you identify and design the training that needs to be provided to these fresher based on the roles that they are likely to take up in the organization.

  Role Readiness Programs :
Many world-class organizations today have a Role Readiness training process in place to equip their employees to take on the challenges of their roles. Given a choice, an organization would like to make sure that the employee has the required knowledge, skills & attitude before he or she moves into a particular role. Following a structured training process, we at Havoc map out the training and development requirements of individuals as per their roles and learning initiatives are structured around those.

  Knowledge/Technical Training :

Direct and channel sales or service teams need product or solution knowledge to ensure that they are able to effectively represent and position your solutions in the competitive market place. Just as importantly there is a need for training people on new or revised organisation processes that may be critical for the business success. will chalk out the appropriate learning path and process for the learning to happen. Our instructional design professionals will work closely with your subject matter experts to design and deliver the required training. And we can integrate assessments and certification into the entire program to ensure accountability and overall success of the initiative.

  Executive Coaching :
Successful companies need to manage talent effectively, to build bridges for high potential executives to reach the top and also to manage under performance. Our experienced coaches work with the organisation’s executives on a one-to-one basis to unlock their true potential and maximise performance in current and future roles.


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